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Black Obsidian Crystal Slab

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Black Obsidian Crystal Slab - As seen on The Block 2019 in Jess & Norm's Penthouse


Field Notes


This pure Obsidian Slab has been created as a result of rapidly cooling lava. Black, bold and volcanic, this hand cut, one-of-a-kind piece has been carved to illuminate the elements of fire, water, and earth within.


Place of Origin: Mexico


Properties: Black Obsidian is a powerful protection stone, a transformative psychic vacuum cleaner to bodyguard your home.  


Phemomina: It is often referred to as volcanic glass as it is created by volcanic lava coming in contact with water.


Size: Approx 35cm x 20cm x 4cm H

Weight: Approx 4-5kg 


Please note: Crystals are grown by Mother Nature, as such all crystals will differ in size, shape and scale with every fixture and the above weight and sizes are an estimate only. 

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