Clear Quartz Slab #2

The product you will recieve is the exact one in the photo. Is it similar to our classic Large Clear Quartz Slab but has slightly different dimensions. 


Field Notes: The Master Healer



The classic Wisdom of Maurice Large Clear Quartz Slab is tied to the lore of many ancient cultures. In Japan, it symbolizes space, purity and patience. In North Africa, where this specimen originates, it simply translates to vessel. Now, this carefully hand-carved Crystal Quartz Slab can make for a beautiful vessel in your home.


Place of Origin:




The most powerful, healing, energy amplifier on the planet, a tonic for creativity and artistic inspiration.          


How to Cleanse: Ensure you cleanse before use to rid of negative energy with our Ritual Sage Spray or Pervian Palo Santo sticks.

Clear Quartz Slab #2

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