Ritual Spray

Field Notes:The gift of an ancient offering. Your personal sage smudge in a bottle.



Frankincense and myrrh have a long history dating back over 5000 years. and are best known for their use in incense and ancient rituals.


Use: The Wisdom of Maurice Ritual Spray is an alternative to sage smudging and can be used to cleanse your space or crystals of negative energy. Spray around your aura to form a natural protection shield.



Clary Sage  - Cleanse Negativity
Frankincense - Sacred Consecration
Myrrh - Sacred Meditation


** Please note bottle may differ slightly from photo**

Ritual Spray

  • Purified Water, Clary Sage, Myrrh, Frankincense, Leucidal (Root Radish Ferment), Natural Solubiliser