Our Story

Millions of years in the making

Maurice and Katia Kraft were French volcanologists who devoted their lives to documenting volcanoes in still photos and film. Inspired by our signature slab, The Obsidian, which is formed by rapid cooling lava, Wisdom of Maurice is proud to continue the Kraft's work by continuing to share the knowledge (and wisdom) of this pioneering couple and bring a piece of phenomena from the natural world into your own home. 

Wisdom of Maurice was founded by friends, explorers and fellow geology and crystal aficionados, Kara and Banjo. We have travelled the world  to source the finest crystals and natural slabs. Interior Designers and documentarians, we have an eye for detail and a love of unique pieces with a story, hand selecting each piece and employing local craftspeople to polish them to reveal their individual character and history in each line, crack, blush and bruise.